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  • 10 Of Our Favourite Motivational Cancer Quotes

  • How Can I Prepare For Hair Loss?

    When faced with a cancer diagnosis, and a treatment plan that could result in hair loss, we understand that this can be an extremely difficult time. We have compiled a short list of things that you can do before your chemotherapy or medical treatment begins, to try to help with the changes you may experience.
  • 5 Ways To Tie A Square Headscarf – A Guide For Cancer Patients

    We understand that when undergoing cancer treatment, it can be overwhelming when you start to consider headwear options. Many women turn to caps, beanies, turbans, caps, and headscarves, which are often chosen due to their style versatility and range of beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics. We have outlined 5 easy ways to tie a headscarf to inspire you to try some new styles you might feel comfortable with when choosing to wear a headscarf.
  • Why is Bamboo Headwear a great choice for chemo patients?

    Bamboo headwear is a fantastic choice for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment or those experiencing hair loss. We have listed the many benefits of bamboo headwear in this blog post which highlights why bamboo is a superior fabric choice when it comes to headwear and head coverings.
  • Wigs and hairloss. Q & A

    In this blog i begin to unravel a few important answers to questions you may have.
  • Mullumbimby, Cancer and Me

    Mullumbimby was the place i found my path to cancer recovery. I hope you find yours. x
  • Different Types Of Headwear For Cancer Patients

    There are many different types of headwear options for cancer patients or those experiencing medical related hair loss, including wigs, turbans, caps, headscarves, beanies, hats, or many also choose to go without head coverings at all. This post includes a run-down of some of the more common types of headwear for cancer patients so you can decide which you think may be best for you.
  • Chemotherapy and Hair Loss – Why Does it Happen?

    If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer and about to undergo chemotherapy or another treatment option where you may lose your hair, you may be wondering ‘Why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?” and ‘Will it happen to me?’. It’s very normal to have many thoughts, concerns and worries running through your mind, including whether or not you will lose your hair.
  • Hairloss and me

    I hosted a headshave day at home before I lost my hair around the time of my second Chemo. I wanted to make the experience as light hearted as I co...
  • The Good Things

    A small piece of my heart in this blog which talks about taking any good' or positives from a bad situation. i hope you enjoy The Good things. Gill x
  • Grey is the new Blonde

    Is Grey the new Blonde? Many women think so and are loving the freedom of their natural color.