Wigs and hairloss. Q & A

I have the privilege to meet women every day who are quite often thrown into the deep end of hair loss and need to learn about wigs very quickly.

Apart from getting your head around the fact that your hair will probably fall out, the wig industry is like a minefield of information, little of which is familiar to most people.

So here goes:

What are wigs made of?

There's two main types of fibres: HUMAN HAIR WIGS, hair is sourced worldwide, the major countries that supply hair are India, Brazil and Asia.

The human hair is treated and colored and made into wigs. This wig type needs to be maintained well and styled often as the style will drop similarly to your own hair.

These wigs are at the high end, price wise. Cheap Human hair wigs on ebay or similar sites are just that, CHEAP. They look horrible, don't waste your money.

Look at paying upwards of $1500 for a great quality human hair wig.


SYNTHETIC WIGS: My wig of choice :) These wigs have a finer composition and are colored beautifully. They breathe well and need very little maintainence.

They have a shorter life span than a human hair wig but the initial cost well outways that in my opinion.

The fibres are made to replicate human hair, they move well, are nice and fine. and keep style always.

You can't color a synthetic wig, so buy one as close to your preference as possible, there are so many options. A lot of synthetic fibres now are heat treatable so you can change style with a medium heated tool.

As i said before if you buy a cheap one from ebay or other cheaper wig outlets you will definitely get what you pay for. 

A great quality wig, depending on the construction will set you back between $250-$550

What is a capless wig? 

A capless wig is a wig made with strips of elastic running around the back and sides of a wig.

The fibres are sewn into each elastic strip instead of sewn individually into a full piece of material.

Capless wigs are generally less expensive but breathe well. 

What is a Lace front wig?

A lace front is a wig that has an additional piece of lace constructed in the forehead area.

The hairs are sewn individually into the lace to achieve a natural looking hairline.

Perfect for those who aren't used to having a fringe.

What is a lace part?

Exactly the same method as the lace front, a lace part gives the wearer the option to move  the part around a little, while still achieving a natural fall looking  part.

What is a MONOFILIMENT, or Mono top?

A wig with a Mono top is a wig with a piece of special material sewn into the top of the wig.

This gives the wearer the ability to move the part anywhere they like with a natural result.

You can part it in the middle, left side, right side, or brush straight back. It gives more options when styling.

What is a Permatease?

A wig with a permatease is basically the cheapest wig construction. Te hair is sewn into the material in lines and then the roots are teased to disquise the wefting underneath.

Don't be put off by a permatease wig though, The fibres are the same as other wigs, If you are wanting volume on top or have curl or a messy look then a permatease might work very well for you.

What does hand tied mean?

If you are looking at a hand tied wig they are a wig made with a full piece of material as the base and the fibres are sewn individually into the whole piece. So the hair can be parted anywhere on the head and a natural whole head scalp will be visible.

These are usually high end price wise , from $500 upwards.


Do i need to buy a particular size wig?

Wigs come in three sizes Small or Petite, Average and Large.

96% of the population will fit into an Average cap beautifully, all wigs have some form of adjustment to make them a bit smaller or a bit bigger. Therefore manufacturers make most wigs only in an Average size.

The small or petite size is better suited to children or people with small heads,

I don't think i have ever ordered a wig in a Large size, there are average wigs in some brands that are roomier than most. The sizes differ from each manufacturer.

Just keep in mind the petite or Large wigs are only made in very few styles so your choices are limited.

There is usually a solution if your wig is a bit big, adjusting, wearing a wig gripper and liner can all help.

What is a Wig liner? A wig liner is a liner that sits on your head before you pop the wig on.

My liner of choice is bamboo, bamboo is Anti bacterial an anti microbal, They are soft, comfortable and fit loosely. They help secure the wig, allow your scalp to breathe well and save on wig maintenance as your liner can be washed often which saves the wig needing frequent washing.

There are nylon full and mesh liners that are ideally for holding your own hair back before wearing a wig. If you've lost your hair or it is very fine these liners are unnecessary and will be tight, uncomfortable and don't breathe at all.


What is a wig gripper?

A wig gripper is like a headband, they differ in construction and material but basically the wrap around the head giving the wig something extra to grip onto.

Perfect if you feel your wig is slipping a little or you have a small sized head.


Hopefully this helps you with the decision making process and arms you with a little more knowledge than you had before.

Gill x




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