Beautiful woman wearing a purple headscarf, tied in the classic style after learning how to tie a headscarf.

5 Ways To Tie A Square Headscarf – A Guide For Cancer Patients

We understand that when undergoing cancer treatment, it can be overwhelming when you start to consider headwear options. Many women turn to caps, beanies, turbans, caps, and headscarves, which are often chosen due to their style versatility and range of beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics. We have outlined 5 easy ways to tie a headscarf to inspire you to try some new styles you might feel comfortable with when choosing to wear a headscarf.


 Classic Style

Woman wearing purple headscarf tied classic style

This is the easiest to tie when working with a square headscarf and possibly the most widely used style. It provides full head coverage, and is quick and easy to tie in a variety of fabrics.

  1. Take your square headscarf and fold in half diagonally, to make a large triangle
  2. Place the long edge (where the scarf has been folded) across your forehead, ensure the remaining material is now covering your head.
  3. Take the two long ends down, behind the nape of your neck and tie in a double knot to keep the scarf tight so it won’t slip off. You will usually have some ‘tails’ or the end of the material hanging down, which can be left out for a feminine feel or tucked up into the scarf if preferred.

    Feminine Bow Style Wrap

    This style offers full head coverage, but rather than the scarf hanging down, it is tied into a feminine bow to sit front and centre, or at the side or back of your head.

    1. Fold your square scarf in half and make a large triangle.
    2. Place the long edge at the back of your head, lined up along the nape of your neck. The triangle of the fabric should be covering your head. It may be easier to lean forward while doing this step.
    3. Take the long ends and bring them up, over your ears to tie a knot over the top of the headscarf.
    4. Tie a regular bow at the top of your forehead and stretch out the bow loops as large as you would like. You can tuck the ‘legs’ of the bow into the headscarf, or leave hanging out if it’s worn to the back.

    Vintage Style

    Woman wearing headscarf in vintage style

    Think, Audrey Hepburn! The vintage style involves tying the scarf at the front of your face, underneath your chin, and then optionally tying the ends again at the back of the neck for a more fitted style

    1. Fold your square headscarf in half to make a large triangle
    2. Line the long edge up along your forehead.
    3. Take the ends, and bring them underneath your chin and tie.
    4. You can then optionally take the ends of the tied scarf and tie them again at the nape of the neck, over the top of the scarf material for a more fitted look.
    Depending on how your scarf sits, this style can show a little more of your forehead / scalp. This style is fantastic to keep up your sleeve to wear over the top of a wig to keep it protected in bad weather or wind, or to offer a more vintage style to your look for the day.

      Turban Style

      Woman wearing turban style headscarf

      To achieve a turban look with a headscarf, take a square headscarf and use technique where the scarf is lined up at the nape of the neck first.

      1. Fold the headscarf in half to form a large triangle.
      2. Line the long edge / folded edge along the nape of the neck with the fabric sitting over your head, pointing towards your face.
      3. Take the long ends of the scarf up, over your ears and tie over the top of the fabric at the centre of your forehead.
        4. Tuck the knot ends and remaining fabric either though the knot at the top of your head, or tuck around your hairline area to clean up this style

      Buy a pre-tied hair scarf!

      Our last option may be a little cheeky as it’s technically not a way to wrap, but it’s honestly our favourite as it’s the easiest and fastest! You can buy yourself a pre-tied headscarf in a style that you love. There is no effort required in getting the correct wrap and tension as it’s all done for you, it will save you time, effort and energy each morning.

      We have a wonderful range of pre-tied head scarves that give you the style of some of the wraps mentioned above, but at a fraction of the effort. Our pre-tied headscarves don’t slip and are low-maintenance to wash and look after.

      View a range of some of our pre-tied wraps and scarves below:

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      Additional Headscarf Tips:

      -If you are using a silk scarf and finding it is slipping, you can wear a wig liner or cap underneath to cover the head first and pin the scarf in place.
      -You can dress a headscarf up with clips, pins or wearing scrunchies around the tied section
      - Most styles can also tied or twisted to the side, for a side-on alternative to the style.
      -If you are wanting more or less fabric to play with (ie. Bigger bows or larger fabric tails), size up or down your scarf accordingly.


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