Why is Bamboo Headwear a great choice for chemo patients?

Why is Bamboo Headwear a great choice for chemo patients?

Bamboo headwear is a fantastic choice for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment or those experiencing hair loss. We have listed the many benefits of bamboo headwear below.

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  1. Bamboo Feels Great!
    Bamboo fabric is lovely and soft to touch. The fabric is smooth so there is a very low chance of any irritation as a result of wearing your bamboo chemo headwear. Some alternate fabrics might feed scratchy, itchy or rough on the skin which can make wearing headwear a very uncomfortable experience.

  2. Bamboo Offers Temperature Control
    A fabric that can keep your head cool and fresh in summer but warm and toasty in the winter? This is where bamboo comes in! Bamboo headwear has insulating properties that allow for it to be suitable to be worn year-round, regardless of the temperature inside our out.

  3. Bamboo Has Great Ventilation
    Bamboo fabric has tiny little holes through it which does a great job at providing ventilation and keeping your scalp feeling fresh. Bamboo fabric is great at wicking away moisture, so this means that your head won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable when wearing your headwear all day.

  4. Natural Sun Protection
    Having a head covering will obviously provide some form of protection from the sun and its damaging UV rays – however Bamboo naturally has the ability to filter out about 98% of the ultraviolet UV rays which is a massive bonus when heading out in the summer months, especially here in Australia!

  5. Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
    While this isn’t 100% proven either way, it is thought that bamboo fabric might offer some of the antibacterial properties that the Bamboo plant possesses. With the temperature control properties it is also thought to assist in limiting bacteria growth. When undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, the body’s immune system is compromised and any fabric offering more hygienic properties is always a great choice.

    Regardless, we do recommend you wash your Bamboo headwear frequently to ensure any nasties are kept to a minimum!
  1. Bamboo Is A Sustainable Option
    The process of creating bamboo fabric is better for the environment than alternate fabrics such as cotton which requires up to twice as much water to produce. Bamboo also grows quickly and requires less nasty pesticides and chemicals to grow effectively. This makes bamboo a great choice, not just for headwear options – but for any fabric use!
Bamboo offers some wonderful benefits, but our favourite really is the soft and comfortable feel of the fabric which makes it such a great choice for everyday wear. We have a fantastic range of bamboo headwear for women undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other form of medical treatment or condition causing hair loss. You can view our range of bamboo hats, bamboo caps, bamboo turbans, bamboo wig liners, headscarves and more here
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