Bamboo  & Aloe Vera Sleeping Cap with Lace

Bamboo & Aloe Vera Sleeping Cap with Lace

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Made from an ultra soft blend of bamboo viscose and real aloe vera fibers, this is the queen of all wig caps. The fibers of this luxurious cap are softer than silk, yet strong and durable. The bamboo and aloe vera work together to create the apex of comfort. The bamboo has a moisture wicking property that helps it to dry quickly and adapt to the body's natural temperature, and its natural antibacterial properties make it great for women who are undergoing chemotherapy and may be extra sensitive to germs and susceptible to infections.The aloe vera is naturally soothing and cooling, giving a super comfortable, super gentle feel against the scalp. All and all, this the perfect wig cap.

Unlike other aloe hats on the market, real aloe vera fibers are woven into the fabric instead of applied to the top of the fabric in a temporary coating. This means the aloe vera and its benefits won't rub off.