Grey is the new Blonde

Grey is the new Blonde

So we are seeing a shift at the moment from women wanting to 'hide' their greys to embracing them and making a grey statement. Hollywoods mature women Helen, Glenn ,Judy and Jamie lee Curtis just to name a few are changing our Grey culture quite quickly at the moment.

According to PINTEREST, searches for Grey styles have grown this year by over 800%. Thats a lot of ladies looking for the new Grey style..

Wigs are heading down the same path with some gorgeous new greys hitting the market, with more to come.

If you've lost your hair and are contemplating a wig, why not try on a Grey one? There are many shades of grey, maybe not 50 :) but there's certainly a choice. Why not see if you can do Grey as your new Blonde? Go on i dare you


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