Different Types Of Headwear For Cancer Patients

When faced with the ultimate challenge of fighting cancer, many who are diagnosed are also faced with the confronting physical side effects of medical treatments, such as hair loss as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

There are many different types of headwear options for cancer patients or those experiencing medical related hair loss, including wigs, turbans, caps, headscarves, beanies, hats, or many also choose to go without head coverings at all. Below is a description of some of the more common types of headwear for cancer patients so you can decide which you think may be best for you.


Wigs are a popular choice of headwear for cancer and chemo patients that are experiencing hair loss. Wigs give the wearer the option to choose a hair colour, cut and composition similar to what their natural hair was like, or to choose a new style and colour completely. High quality wigs, such as those we sell here at Wigsisters, can look the most discreet. There are some fantastic wig brands that are both comfortable to wear and so well made that other people can’t tell that the wearer actually has a wig on at all! 

Wigs can either be made from synthetic fibres or real human hair, but both ultimately offer the wearer confidence until their natural hair grows back.

Synthetic wigs are cooler to wear, they are lighter and generally finer in fibre than most human hair wigs. They come in an extensive range of colours and styles, Our Belle Tress range is heat friendly so can be styled with hair tools on medium heat for a quick change in look and texture.

Synthetic Wigs are extremely easy to wear and lower maintenance than a human hair wig. For short term hair loss a Synthetic wig is a great option for comfort, affordability and style.

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Turbans / Chemo Caps

Turbans and chemo caps are an easy to wear cap made from material that covers the head and should be comfortable to wear. While traditionally turbans are hand wrapped lengths of material, modern turbans and chemo caps offer ready to wear pieces that slip over the scalp and look and feel fantastic! They can be made from a variety of materials which can suit both warm and cool weather and are easy to wear and style to your outfit each day.

Turbans and chemo caps are a more affordable headwear option compared to wigs and can come in a variety of styles and patterns, so there’s sure to be a turban to suit every outfit and purpose! Some are plain, some are patterned, some have bows or twists and flowers, and others have a scarf-like look, to give the feminine scarf design without the hassle to tying it up each time.

We stock a beautiful range of turbans, caps and headwear in our online store and can ship worldwide. These are turbans that we recommend to our clients and friends experiencing hair loss due to the quality of the product, the soft and comfortable fabrics used and the great range of styles.

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Headscarves are another popular headwear choice for cancer patients experiencing hair loss due to the variety of patterns, colours and the versatility of tying the headscarf how you like. Headscarves generally need to be at least 50cm long to be able to cover most scalps. Be careful with silk and nylon scarves, as while they feel beautiful and silky soft – they are often difficult to keep on without pinning as they slip off!

Hats & Beanies

Hats and beanies are an option for different types of headwear for cancer patients and those experiencing hair loss. Designed for all people, regardless of hair loss or not, hats and beanies can be a fantastic option due to the broad variety of options out there. Hats can provide additional coverage in the summer months to protect your neck and face from sun exposure, and beanies can help to keep your head warm in the winter and cooler months.

We currently have a range of lovely warm winter hats available, view the range here.


Be sure to know that headwear to cover up your hair loss is not essential, and not wearing any headwear at all is completely acceptable and fantastic if you feel fine to do so. If you choose to keep your head bare, just remember to pack some sunscreen or a hat for when the sun comes out, and dress warmly in the cooler months to keep your head warm!


Wrap Up On Different Types Of Headwear For Cancer Patients

We hope that reading our post on the different types of headwear for cancer patients (or anyone suffering medical related hair loss) has helped you to decide which may be the most suitable for you! You may feel that a wig is best for special occasions and a cap or turban may be the more comfortable for day-to-day.

All headwear purchased from our online shop is hand packed and sent from our office in Officer, Victoria however we ship all around Australia and New Zealand. If you are looking for a specific colour or style, please reach out to us and we will help you if possible!


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