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Meet the comfiest cap. Ever. Featuring a sophisticated design with subtle pleats, the Bamboo Couture Cap is so much more than stylish; it's an essential. Designed with hair loss in mind every step of the way, this is the softest, most soothing, and highest quality chemo cap on the market. From the flattering fit to the tagless and virtually seamless interior, the Bamboo Couture Cap will not disappoint. 

Of course without a good, soft fabric, none of that would matter. So we made sure to use the BEST fabric: a blend of viscose from bamboo and real aloe vera plant fibre. The blend results in an extremely soft yet durable cap that cools and soothes the scalp. Unlike other aloe hats on the market, real aloe vera plant fibres are woven into our fabric rather than coated on top. This means that soothing feeling will stick around instead of rubbing off over time.